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     The most efficient solution for                erection problems! 

         The Vacuum Pump For strong, healthy and                       extended erections with 99% success!

  • Efficient- Full efficiency in sustaining sufficient erection for sexual intercourse.

  • Safe-No side effects or complications when used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Price-One-time payment for the acquisition of the pump kit. no additional cost for the use.

  • Non-invasive- Without pills, without inserting a suppository into the urethra, without injections to the penis, without Surgery.

Recommendation of Prof. Alexander Grinshtein-

Senior orologist and sexual therapist.

Head of Israeli orologist organization


Startup Pump Full Kit

The Full Kit includes:

  • 1 Startup Pump

  • 1 Tube

  • 3 Rubber bands: Small, Medium, Large

  • 1 Cone

Price: 88$

Recommended by leading Israeli Urologists and Sexologists

Or Call Now: 1-8773776989

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"why didn't I not know about this invention years ago? I would have saved myself from depression medication and lack of complete confidence. Now I feel like a man again! More importantly, my wife feel that. "

Jacob Nissimov, 56 years old from Holon, Israel. after radical prostate operation 972-532505926

"I saw the frightening surveys on the use of lethal Viagra panicked and ordered your pump ... This is THE invention in the world !!! Easy, pleasant and sets upright ... for half an hour !!! "

Yizhak Weizman, 51 years old, Givatayim, Israel

"Prostatectomy patients this is the best news you can get. Functioning like a 30 year old at the age of 71 it's wonderful. wish you to help as many men as possiible. Good luck!"

Shlomo 71 years old from Miami, Florida after Prostatectomy

"I was practically on the stairs of the divorce court and this pump saved our marriage,
I would like to take part in this huge mitzva and recommend it to any one who calls."

David Shlomo, 57 years old ultra orthodox jew from Hod Hasharon, Israel. injects insulin 5 times a day, 10 years without erection 972-543316541


  • How does the Vacuum pump work?

    The vacuum pump for the treatment of erectile dysfunction works by generating an external vacuum that enhances penile blood flow. Once an erection is achieved, it can be extended by attaching a rubber ring (included in the kit) to the penis, which prevents the blood from draining out. It is very important to remove the rubber ring after no more than 30 minutes of continuous use in order to re-enable normal blood circulation.

  • Are Vacuum pumps safe to use?

    The vacuum pumps are known as safe to use. When used according to the user manual and the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Are there any side effects?

    There are no known side effects. However, there might be a slight change in the color of the penis after continuous use of close to 30 minutes. After the removal of the rubber ring natural color will return.

  • How often can the pump be used?

    There is no limit but manufacturer’s instructions must be followed. As stated before the device can be used comfortably in succession up to about 30 minutes. The rubber ring should be removed before 30 minutes of continuous use for at least 5 minutes prior to subsequent use. Always use carefully and with discretion.

  • How often should the pump be cleaned?

    As needed. The vacuum pump should be treated gently while being cleaned, and maintained from excess water and detergent.

  • Is this a non-invasive therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

    Yes.Using the vacuum pump is the only non-invasive means for creating a strong, healthy and prolonged erection.

  • Is there a need for lubricant when using the vacuum pump?

    You should wet the base of the penis for easier removal of the rubber band.